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Garden Water Features You Can Consider For Your Home

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If you are looking for a way to make your yard more interesting and visually appealing, you should consider incorporating a garden water feature. A misconception some homeowners have is that these water features are only reserved for yards that have a significant amount of space. The truth of the matter is that you have an array of option to choose from so you can rest assured that you will find something that suits the size of your yard as well as your needs. Here are some of the garden water features that you can consider for your home.  A reflecting pool This type of garden water feature is best suited for a large yard. The pools typically have a geometric shape and a walkway built above them to enable you to cross from one side of the pool to another. Since the pool is supposed to be reflective, it will have to be considerably large. Additionally, when looking to construct a reflective pool in your yard, ensure it is located in close proximity to a decorative feature in your yard. This way it can vividly reflect this feature in its clear, glassy waters.  An ornamental pool Another option you can consider, if you are looking to incorporate a garden water feature, is an ornamental pool. These types of pools are typically located adjacent to an entertainment area as they work toward enhancing the aesthetics of the space. They will typically come with a fountain feature that cascades water. The sound of the water bubbling out of the fountain and into the ornamental pool is supposed to have a calming effect. Ornamental pools can be as small or as large as you want them, making them suitable for any type of yard.  A water garden As the name suggests, this is a garden with water being its main feature. This does not mean that you simply pour water into your yard. Instead, your landscaping contractors will create an entire aquatic ecosystem. Water gardens can be made up exclusively of plants that come in a variety of textures and colours to add some character to your yard. However, if you would like to make it more visually interesting, you should consider also including living creatures into the water garden. These could range from uniquely coloured fish such as koi fish or gold fish to turtles. This makes your water garden a living garden feature on its own. It should be noted though that a water garden will need regular care and maintenance to ensure the aquatic life...

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The Bibliophile’s Dream: things to consider when having your custom bookcase designed

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If you own a lot of books—a couple of thousand or more—you’ll be familiar with the difficulties inherent in storing them all. They need to be accessible, properly arranged and well-protected, all while using the space you’ve got as efficiently as possible; you probably don’t have the luxury of your own private library wing, after all! Custom designed bookcases can be a godsend for the dedicated bibliophile, but it’s important to get it right at the design stages. Read on for ten top tips that will help you end up with the perfect bookcase storage solution. Have a look around the room or rooms you’ll be having kitted out with new shelves. Where’s the hidden space? Is there room for an extra sneaky shelf or two above the doorframe, or in front of the radiator? Use your custom furniture to get the most out of every inch you have available to you.   The most important thing of all is going to be measuring your new library. If the company making your bookcases offers a measuring service, it’s well worth taking them up on it; accurate measurements are key. If they don’t, be sure to have someone help you as you measure your walls and check everything twice before you send the numbers over.   Make sure you have a good idea of how many books you really own. Many people drastically over- or under-estimate things like collection sizes, so it’s important to put a bit of effort into making sure your ‘rough guess’ is at least mostly accurate. One good way to do this is to measure your existing shelves, count the books on one shelf, one by one, and multiply that number by how many shelves you’ve filled to get a total. It won’t be perfect, but it will be pretty close. This will help the people making your new bookcases to draw up the perfect design.   Don’t forget to leave room in the finished design for more books. There’s no point investing in a way to store a growing collection without making sure there’s room for that collection to grow, after all.   Find out whether or not the room you’re having the shelves built for has ever had problems with damp. Damp can kill books, but the problem is surmountable: you just need to ensure that all your bookshelves have proper backs (so none of your books are resting against the wall itself) and that there’s a built-in gap behind the case to let air circulate. Make sure you talk to your carpenters about this before they start work, as they’ll need to know about the problem in advance....

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Essential Tips For Designing a New Commercial Fitout

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If you have an open space in your office, you might be considering designing a fitout in order to accommodate multiple workstations and separate offices for management and executives. Here are some tips to have an attractive, yet functional workspace. Design the Fitout to Reduce Noise Distraction Many new commercial fitout designs open up the workspace to where there aren’t high walls for the cubicles, but instead a large open space. The problem with these floor plans is that they make it incredibly noisy and hard for each person to focus on their own work. You don’t necessarily need every employee to be closed off inside their tiny cubicle, but you should work on partitions between each workplace that provide some acoustic control. Reduce the Size of Individual Workstations Cubicles are starting to get much smaller in size as employees generally need less space to get their work done. If you have employees doing the majority of their work on the computer, they probably don’t need a large U-shaped cubicle, but instead a table and smaller workstation. Computers are a lot smaller than they used to be, so they take up less space. More companies are utilising digital files, so keeping filing cabinets and stacks of paperwork isn’t as important either. This helps you to create an open fitout in the office where employees have their own space, but there is still enough room left over for common areas or meeting rooms. Make the Office Comfortable For Employees Part of fitout design has to do with your employee’s comfort level, not just the overall look of the space. Make sure each desk is at the proper height in comparison to the height of the chair. Practice good ergonomics by offering office furniture and equipment that is placed correctly. Have adequate light in the office so there aren’t issues with eye strain, and offer adjustable monitors and keyboards so the employee can move them around to make them more comfortable for them. Have Common Areas Common areas are important in any workspace, so make sure every floor or major area of the commercial building has a common area. This doesn’t just include the break room, though that is one to consider. Also have an area where employees use machines like the photocopier or printer, get together to discuss business-related plans or schedules, and a meeting area that isn’t a formal conference room, but simply allows employees to discuss work outside of their normal workstations....

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Comparing Gas And Charcoal Barbecue Grills? What You Need To Know About Each

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If you are looking for a barbeque grill on which to cook the perfect ribs or steak for the holidays then you have the option of choosing between gas and coal grills. Both systems can undoubtedly churn out juicy barbeque treats. So which will you go for? Well, don’t make up your mind yet. Check out the information below to see how the different grills fare when pitted against each other. Charcoal A charcoal barbeque grill will allow you to boast about cooking your meat the old-fashioned way. A charcoal grill also provides wood smoke that helps give your meat that rich authentic aroma that grilled or barbecued meat is known for. In addition to that, charcoal retains heat for longer which allows you to enjoy better energy efficiency while cooking. If you finish cooking and the charcoal is still burning, you can use your grill to heat the room up a little as well. To top it all off, charcoal is cheap to buy. The downside with the charcoal barbeque is that you will have to get your hands dirty when doing the cooking. What’s more, charcoal embers can die off so you have to keep monitoring the heat. Heating up the grill also takes quite some time. Also, you may need to add more charcoal as you cook if the charcoal burns out. Gas The advantage of a gas barbeque grill is that it is much easier to use compared to a charcoal grill. For one, you do not have to get your hands dirty handling the charcoal. Two, lighting the grill takes just the turn of a knob. Cooking is therefore fast and easy. What’s more, you can even light up the flames to the exact heat you want to ensure that your meat cooks perfectly. Also, the gas flames burn at a steady rate so it’s much easier to monitor your cooking. However, gas barbeque grills have their cons too. One of them is that the meat lacks the traditional smoke flavour that is synonymous with outdoor barbecues. However, you can try to compensate for this by using a smoker such as that provided by Weber Barbeques. Two, the gas cylinder can run out so you have to keep monitoring it. Also, you have to keep close watch over the gas grill to avoid fires by making sure the hoses are well applied at all times. And that’s all there is to these two competing barbecue grills. So which one tickles your fancy; charcoal or...

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The Perfect Library for Bookworms: 3 Pieces of Library Furniture That Make a Huge Difference

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Although e-readers have become increasingly popular in recent years, many Australians still prefer reading books and are enticed by being able to flip through the pages or being able to smell the ink on the paper. In fact, over 46% of Australians over the age of 18 and approximately 55% of children visited a library in 2006. To encourage Australians to read more, it’s important for libraries to be stocked with books from a wide array of topics and to possess the right type of library furniture to create just the right type of environment for different patrons.                 Encouraging Young Children to Read with Small, Plastic Tables and Chairs For young children, the vastness of a library can be quite overwhelming. To cater to a younger crowd, all libraries should have small plastic tables and chairs set aside. Plastic tables and chairs are more capable of tolerating daily wear caused by younger children and will also be cheaper to replace when damaged. Make sure to choose plastic tables and chairs that have round corners in the design, as they reduce the risk of injuries. Young kids do tend to be rather clumsy. By having a kids’ area, it’s possible to encourage young children to develop a love and passion for reading. Providing a Study Area for Teenagers and University Students Libraries are filled to the brim with resources that teenagers and university students need to better understand various concepts being taught in their classes. A recent study of young Americans showed that 72% of young library patrons deem quiet study spaces to be very important. Although the study was performed in America, you can assume that many young Australians have the same needs. To create the perfect study area, it’s important that the library furniture is functional and stable. It’s also important to choose adjustable chairs with ergonomic support, as students tend to be sitting for the majority of the day. According to various studies, chairs that can be easily moved also promote learning and will help students learn, as they offer various degrees of movement rather than rigidity. Offering Adults with a Place to Lounge and Indulge in Reading Young minds are not the only ones that benefit from libraries. Many seniors and adults still kindle their passion and love for reading at their local libraries. As this age group tend to place more emphasis on being able to enjoy what they are reading rather than making sure they understand each and every concept, it’s important to have library furniture for lounging purposes. Look for sofas and chairs with cushions paired with mini coffee tables to create a small haven for older readers. Conclusion To make your library a more welcoming haven for readers of all ages, make sure you find the right type of library furniture. The goal is to create just the right type of environment that will promote and encourage reading within various age groups. By kindling Australians’ love for books, it’s possible to build a more educated and sophisticated...

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Two Tips For Refurbishing Your Children’s Furniture Using Chalkboard Paint

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Kids love to scribble on things, so it makes sense to use chalkboard paint when it is time to give their bedroom furniture a renovation touch up. Chalkboard paint is a paint that dries to look just like the finish of a chalkboard. Your children can create art on it, and you’ve turned their furniture into one of the latest trends. However, as with any paint type, there are a few things you need to know. Can You Only Paint Wood With Chalkboard Paint? The good news is that almost any type of furniture finish can be painted with chalkboard paint, so from wood to metal you can use it to transform the chest of drawers or desk in your child’s room. The only wood that does not do well with chalkboard paint is wood that is oily. This may be because the wood contains natural oils, such as teak, or it may be because you have just oiled the wood with a furniture oil. If the wood you want to paint is oily, paint a coat of Shellac onto the furniture first. Shellac is traditionally used to lock stains and odours into furniture, so it is the perfect way to prevent the wood oil from mixing with the chalkboard paint. You can purchase Shellac paints from your hardware store, and it just needs 24 hours to dry before you can apply the chalkboard paint on top. How Do You Prepare Old Furniture For Painting? There is no special process for getting your kid’s furniture ready for painting with chalkboard paint, it just needs to be clean and dry. Warm, soapy water will get the wood clean, but just take care not to overly saturate the wood with water as it will warp the wood. If there is previous paint on the furniture that is flaking off, this should be removed to give a flat surface for the chalkboard paint to adhere to. To remove flaking paint you can either use coarse sandpaper, or you can use a stiff wire brush. Both of these will remove the flakes for you. Additionally, if you are painting a surface that is particularly slippery, for example a laminate surface, a quick scuff with sandpaper will give a better surface for your new paint to cling to. Using chalkboard paint for your children’s furniture brings it back to life, while giving your children a whole new surface area to create art on. Everything you need for this project can be found at your local hardware store, so take advantage of the next sunny weekend to give their furniture a new...

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3 Maintenance Tips To Treat Teak Dining Tables With Care

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The elegance of a teak dining table is unparalleled, bringing a touch of class and sophistication to your dining room. Teak furniture has a beautiful rich colour that is highly sought after, but it also comes with a costly price tag that not everyone can afford. If you have paid a fortune for your teak dining table, you’ll naturally want to protect its appearance for as long as possible. Though teak can withstand natural elements resiliently, it needs proper cleaning and care to retain its high-quality appearance. Follow these maintenance tips to treat your teak dining table with care. Undertake Cleaning Regularly Cleaning teak furniture is relatively simple, but you need to undertake it regularly to maintain its attractive appearance. You can use dishwashing soap and warm water to clean the surface and legs of the dining table. Take care not to bathe the table in a soap water solution. An ideal method is to dampen a lint-free cloth and rub it on the wooden surface. Pay attention to any food spills and stains and use a soft bristle brush to remove the stubborn grime. Cleaning should be undertaken at least once every few days to protect the teak dining table from damage. Keep Away From Direct Sunlight When exposed directly to sunlight, teak can change from a shiny wood appearance to a dull grayish finish. Keep in mind that this colour transformation doesn’t affect the quality of the wood because it is surface-level evaporation of oil, but its altered appearance may not work well within your existing dining room décor. Protect your wood by applying timber sealer every once in a while, but make sure you keep your teak dining table away from direct sunlight if you want to retain the rich colour of the teak wood. Timber sealer is easily available at a home improvement store and will preserve the rich colour of your wood by preventing oxidation. Oxidation usually takes place when wood and air are exposed to each other. Since your dining table is used for eating and drinking, make sure you choose a non-toxic and odourless timber sealer.  Protect the Teak Surface While Using It Although teak furniture is highly durable and resilient, you’ll want to be careful to prolong the shelf life of your dining table. Every time a family meal is being served on the dining table, protect it with a tablecloth and table place mats. If your kids are painting or using crayons above the table, make sure you lay a protective newspaper or cardboard surface below. Use breathable table covers on your teak table to prevent the growth of mould and mildew. Teak furniture is precious to most homeowners –– use these tips to protect your teak dining table and prolong its lifespan. For more information, contact a local teak retailer, like The Teak...

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