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3 Maintenance Tips To Treat Teak Dining Tables With Care


The elegance of a teak dining table is unparalleled, bringing a touch of class and sophistication to your dining room. Teak furniture has a beautiful rich colour that is highly sought after, but it also comes with a costly price tag that not everyone can afford. If you have paid a fortune for your teak dining table, you'll naturally want to protect its appearance for as long as possible. Though teak can withstand natural elements resiliently, it needs proper cleaning and care to retain its high-quality appearance. Follow these maintenance tips to treat your teak dining table with care.

Undertake Cleaning Regularly

Cleaning teak furniture is relatively simple, but you need to undertake it regularly to maintain its attractive appearance. You can use dishwashing soap and warm water to clean the surface and legs of the dining table. Take care not to bathe the table in a soap water solution. An ideal method is to dampen a lint-free cloth and rub it on the wooden surface. Pay attention to any food spills and stains and use a soft bristle brush to remove the stubborn grime. Cleaning should be undertaken at least once every few days to protect the teak dining table from damage.

Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

When exposed directly to sunlight, teak can change from a shiny wood appearance to a dull grayish finish. Keep in mind that this colour transformation doesn't affect the quality of the wood because it is surface-level evaporation of oil, but its altered appearance may not work well within your existing dining room décor. Protect your wood by applying timber sealer every once in a while, but make sure you keep your teak dining table away from direct sunlight if you want to retain the rich colour of the teak wood. Timber sealer is easily available at a home improvement store and will preserve the rich colour of your wood by preventing oxidation. Oxidation usually takes place when wood and air are exposed to each other. Since your dining table is used for eating and drinking, make sure you choose a non-toxic and odourless timber sealer. 

Protect the Teak Surface While Using It

Although teak furniture is highly durable and resilient, you'll want to be careful to prolong the shelf life of your dining table. Every time a family meal is being served on the dining table, protect it with a tablecloth and table place mats. If your kids are painting or using crayons above the table, make sure you lay a protective newspaper or cardboard surface below. Use breathable table covers on your teak table to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

Teak furniture is precious to most homeowners –– use these tips to protect your teak dining table and prolong its lifespan. For more information, contact a local teak retailer, like The Teak Place


8 October 2015