Mixing, Matching and Coordinating Furniture: Tips for Amateur Designers

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Two Tips For Refurbishing Your Children's Furniture Using Chalkboard Paint


Kids love to scribble on things, so it makes sense to use chalkboard paint when it is time to give their bedroom furniture a renovation touch up. Chalkboard paint is a paint that dries to look just like the finish of a chalkboard. Your children can create art on it, and you've turned their furniture into one of the latest trends. However, as with any paint type, there are a few things you need to know.

Can You Only Paint Wood With Chalkboard Paint?

The good news is that almost any type of furniture finish can be painted with chalkboard paint, so from wood to metal you can use it to transform the chest of drawers or desk in your child's room. The only wood that does not do well with chalkboard paint is wood that is oily. This may be because the wood contains natural oils, such as teak, or it may be because you have just oiled the wood with a furniture oil.

If the wood you want to paint is oily, paint a coat of Shellac onto the furniture first. Shellac is traditionally used to lock stains and odours into furniture, so it is the perfect way to prevent the wood oil from mixing with the chalkboard paint. You can purchase Shellac paints from your hardware store, and it just needs 24 hours to dry before you can apply the chalkboard paint on top.

How Do You Prepare Old Furniture For Painting?

There is no special process for getting your kid's furniture ready for painting with chalkboard paint, it just needs to be clean and dry. Warm, soapy water will get the wood clean, but just take care not to overly saturate the wood with water as it will warp the wood.

If there is previous paint on the furniture that is flaking off, this should be removed to give a flat surface for the chalkboard paint to adhere to. To remove flaking paint you can either use coarse sandpaper, or you can use a stiff wire brush. Both of these will remove the flakes for you.

Additionally, if you are painting a surface that is particularly slippery, for example a laminate surface, a quick scuff with sandpaper will give a better surface for your new paint to cling to.

Using chalkboard paint for your children's furniture brings it back to life, while giving your children a whole new surface area to create art on. Everything you need for this project can be found at your local hardware store, so take advantage of the next sunny weekend to give their furniture a new look.


14 October 2015