Mixing, Matching and Coordinating Furniture: Tips for Amateur Designers

You can buy a fully coordinated furniture set, and for some people, they love nothing better. However, I like to mix and match things. Hi. My name is Connie, and I love the challenge of pairing different types of furniture together. I like mixing different woods, different sizes, different time periods and different patterns together. It is a bit of a skill and art, and I want to share tips and ideas with others. If you need furniture ideas, you have come to the right place. I invite you to grab a cup of tea and a snack, get comfortable and start reading. I hope you leave this blog inspired.

The Perfect Library for Bookworms: 3 Pieces of Library Furniture That Make a Huge Difference


Although e-readers have become increasingly popular in recent years, many Australians still prefer reading books and are enticed by being able to flip through the pages or being able to smell the ink on the paper. In fact, over 46% of Australians over the age of 18 and approximately 55% of children visited a library in 2006. To encourage Australians to read more, it's important for libraries to be stocked with books from a wide array of topics and to possess the right type of library furniture to create just the right type of environment for different patrons.                

Encouraging Young Children to Read with Small, Plastic Tables and Chairs

For young children, the vastness of a library can be quite overwhelming. To cater to a younger crowd, all libraries should have small plastic tables and chairs set aside. Plastic tables and chairs are more capable of tolerating daily wear caused by younger children and will also be cheaper to replace when damaged. Make sure to choose plastic tables and chairs that have round corners in the design, as they reduce the risk of injuries. Young kids do tend to be rather clumsy. By having a kids' area, it's possible to encourage young children to develop a love and passion for reading.

Providing a Study Area for Teenagers and University Students

Libraries are filled to the brim with resources that teenagers and university students need to better understand various concepts being taught in their classes. A recent study of young Americans showed that 72% of young library patrons deem quiet study spaces to be very important. Although the study was performed in America, you can assume that many young Australians have the same needs.

To create the perfect study area, it's important that the library furniture is functional and stable. It's also important to choose adjustable chairs with ergonomic support, as students tend to be sitting for the majority of the day. According to various studies, chairs that can be easily moved also promote learning and will help students learn, as they offer various degrees of movement rather than rigidity.

Offering Adults with a Place to Lounge and Indulge in Reading

Young minds are not the only ones that benefit from libraries. Many seniors and adults still kindle their passion and love for reading at their local libraries. As this age group tend to place more emphasis on being able to enjoy what they are reading rather than making sure they understand each and every concept, it's important to have library furniture for lounging purposes. Look for sofas and chairs with cushions paired with mini coffee tables to create a small haven for older readers.


To make your library a more welcoming haven for readers of all ages, make sure you find the right type of library furniture. The goal is to create just the right type of environment that will promote and encourage reading within various age groups. By kindling Australians' love for books, it's possible to build a more educated and sophisticated society. 


16 November 2015