Mixing, Matching and Coordinating Furniture: Tips for Amateur Designers

You can buy a fully coordinated furniture set, and for some people, they love nothing better. However, I like to mix and match things. Hi. My name is Connie, and I love the challenge of pairing different types of furniture together. I like mixing different woods, different sizes, different time periods and different patterns together. It is a bit of a skill and art, and I want to share tips and ideas with others. If you need furniture ideas, you have come to the right place. I invite you to grab a cup of tea and a snack, get comfortable and start reading. I hope you leave this blog inspired.

Comparing Gas And Charcoal Barbecue Grills? What You Need To Know About Each


If you are looking for a barbeque grill on which to cook the perfect ribs or steak for the holidays then you have the option of choosing between gas and coal grills. Both systems can undoubtedly churn out juicy barbeque treats. So which will you go for? Well, don't make up your mind yet. Check out the information below to see how the different grills fare when pitted against each other.


A charcoal barbeque grill will allow you to boast about cooking your meat the old-fashioned way. A charcoal grill also provides wood smoke that helps give your meat that rich authentic aroma that grilled or barbecued meat is known for. In addition to that, charcoal retains heat for longer which allows you to enjoy better energy efficiency while cooking. If you finish cooking and the charcoal is still burning, you can use your grill to heat the room up a little as well. To top it all off, charcoal is cheap to buy.

The downside with the charcoal barbeque is that you will have to get your hands dirty when doing the cooking. What's more, charcoal embers can die off so you have to keep monitoring the heat. Heating up the grill also takes quite some time. Also, you may need to add more charcoal as you cook if the charcoal burns out.


The advantage of a gas barbeque grill is that it is much easier to use compared to a charcoal grill. For one, you do not have to get your hands dirty handling the charcoal. Two, lighting the grill takes just the turn of a knob. Cooking is therefore fast and easy. What's more, you can even light up the flames to the exact heat you want to ensure that your meat cooks perfectly. Also, the gas flames burn at a steady rate so it's much easier to monitor your cooking.

However, gas barbeque grills have their cons too. One of them is that the meat lacks the traditional smoke flavour that is synonymous with outdoor barbecues. However, you can try to compensate for this by using a smoker such as that provided by Weber Barbeques. Two, the gas cylinder can run out so you have to keep monitoring it. Also, you have to keep close watch over the gas grill to avoid fires by making sure the hoses are well applied at all times.

And that's all there is to these two competing barbecue grills. So which one tickles your fancy; charcoal or gas?


22 December 2015