Mixing, Matching and Coordinating Furniture: Tips for Amateur Designers

You can buy a fully coordinated furniture set, and for some people, they love nothing better. However, I like to mix and match things. Hi. My name is Connie, and I love the challenge of pairing different types of furniture together. I like mixing different woods, different sizes, different time periods and different patterns together. It is a bit of a skill and art, and I want to share tips and ideas with others. If you need furniture ideas, you have come to the right place. I invite you to grab a cup of tea and a snack, get comfortable and start reading. I hope you leave this blog inspired.

The Top 3 Benefits of Adjustable Beds


An adjustable bed is flexible enough to be profiled to various positions. When you hear of adjustable beds, you naturally think of patients and hospitals. Healthy people, you assume, do not need adjustable hospitals. But this is no longer true. The adjustable bed, whose popularity is expanding, has been found to have useful benefits to your health. In short, having one in your bedroom can keep you away from the hospitals. The following top three benefits of adjustable beds should open your eyes to what you could be missing in your sleep.

1. Ergonomically Correct Positioning

Unlike the flat, traditional bed, the adjustable bed can be positioned to allow natural curvature of the spine as you enjoy your rest. The discomforts and restlessness you sometimes feel as you sleep have to do with the uncomfortable posture your traditional bed ensures you have. There are increased tensions on the joints and the muscles. Instead of rest and recuperation, your body is subjected to pain over the night. It is not unusual to wake up tired and full of back pains when you sleep on a flatbed.

The adjustable bed, on the other hand, is able to distribute pressure over the entire bed surface evenly. The feet, knees, neck, lower back and hands are in proper postures. That way, the heart is not strained. A strained heart must overwork itself to nourish the whole body with oxygen via the blood vessels. To achieve the best position, you only have to adjust the bed to the angles that suits your body. You have specific needs that only a custom bed can satisfy!

2. Efficient Digestion

The body works to digest food as you sleep. This involves your brain. When you lie flat on a traditional bed, your stomach's ability to comfortably break down the food is limited. But the adjustable bed is able to position your head to the recommended six-inches for an efficient digestion process. A raised head keeps the stomach acid from climbing to the throat. Acid reflux and heartburn are caused when the stomach acids rise to the esophagus. The last thing you want is slow digestion that affects your sleep with an upset, rumbling stomach. With an adjustable bed, you will wake up each morning with a calm stomach.

3. Relief From Snoring

Adjustable bed alleviates snoring by lifting the head by its flexible frame. The gravity then works to take away the weight from the windpipe, lowering the snoring in the process. 

For even better experience with the adjustable bed, you may add pillows like cervical or memory foam pillows. 


30 September 2018